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Cynergy3 produces a comprehensive range of Reed Switch/Magnet operated Float Switch, to suit most applications. There are vertical or horizontal types and internal or external mounting options, in a range of materials to operate in most liquids, from boiling water to aggressive chemicals. Cynergy3 is known for providing customer specific designs to meet their particular applications and design parameters.
Cynergy3 is unique in the industry as being a manufacturer of RF vacuum reed switches and reed relays, not a relay manufacturer primarily packaging other company’s reed switches. As a result, Crydom have full control of the whole RF reed relay product ensuring the best in performance and quality. A wide range of Crydom standard designs are offered with many coil screening options to suit performance requirements and budgets. Two new miniature RF reed relay designs are introduced for the first time. The 4 Series offers a low cost and flexible package in all popular contact and coil configurations and the 5 Series extends the RF performance with the first fully screened miniature coil assembly offering ultra-low RF losses.

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