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EMI Shielding

Beryllium Copper Fingers

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Beryllium copper fingers combine high levels of EMI shielding effectiveness with spring-finger wiping and low closure force properties.

Beryllium copper’s high tensile strength, excellent anti-corrosion properties, and superb electrical conductivity are ideal for shielding over a broad frequency range.
The BeCu gaskets are available in bright tin, bright copper and bright nickel finishes.

For low compression grounding contacts, individual fingers are available with pressure sensitive adhesive for convenient pick-and-stick application.


  • Broadcasting
  • telecommunication
  • industrial control
  • measuring and instrumentation
  • aerospace technology
  • nuclear physics and data processing
  • Contact fingers and rings made of copper beryllium are used at all radio and microwave frequencies, for instance as contacts to tubes and tuning components as well as for shielding.


  • Delivery options as strips in standard length, endless, cut to length or formed into a ring
  • Standard springs from stock
  • Finish: bright, silver-plated, gold-plated, tin-plated, nickel-plated or according to customer requirements