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EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding Foil and Fabric Tape

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EMI Shielding foil tapes provide an economical solution to applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity across substrates..

EMI Shielding Fabric tapes provides an electrically conductive solution for applications requiring lighter weight and a more flexible electrically conductive tape.

Both the Metal- and Fabric-Tape can be used to wrap cables in order to provide a low impedance connection between cables and back shells


  • Lining of small enclosures,
  • Sealing of housing joints and welds,
  • Establishing electrical contact on surfaces which cannot be welded,
  • Shielding cables
  • Short-term use during EMC tests to locate leaks.
  • ETC


  • Available in copper, aluminum, and tin-plated copper foils, or nickel-plated silver fabric.
  • Embossment available
  • Foil tapes are available with single or double-sided, electrically conductive, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive (PSA)
  • Available as rotary kiss cut parts on rolls, die-cut parts, or in slit rolls


  • Operating Temperature Range in ºC: -40 to +205ºC