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PCB Shielding

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PCB shielding for a high level of EMI/ EMC shielding effectiveness. Produced in form of cans, boxes, frames with optional inside fencing and with or without lids/ cover. All customized according to customers application and needs. Low quantities can advantageously be produced by production process as chemical milling and bending I soft/ single tool, medium quantities by single stamping and bending tools and high quantities by progressive tool. The PCB shielding are produced in common materials as steel, tin-plated steel, nickel silver, brass, copper etc. Through-hole (THT) or surface mount (SMD).     


  • Broadcasting
  • Tele/ radio communication
  • Industrial control
  • Aerospace technology
  • Transmitting and receiving application


  • Joint venture production – in-house tooling facility, chemical milling, stamping, bending, deep drawing, surface treatment, laser engraving etc.
  • Tape and reel packaging
  • Automatic packing